Intel joins ASPIRE lab as industrial sponsor

Krste Asanovic

Intel has joined the ASPIRE lab at the industrial sponsor level.  Intel was also a major sponsor of the Parallel Computing Laboratory, in which several of the technical components of the ASPIRE lab were developed, and we welcome the chance to continue our deep collaboration on programming models for future specialized and heterogeneous computing architectures.

Jim Demmel receives 2013 IPDPS Charles Babbage Award

James Demmel


ASPIRE researcher  Prof. Jim Demmel has been awarded the Charles Babbage Award at the 2013 IEEE International Parallel & Distributed Processing Symposium “in recognition of his innovative contributions to the development of linear algebra algorithms and software”. The IPDPS conference established the Charles Babbage Award to be given each year to a conference participant in recognition of exceptional contributions to the field.  Jim was also co-author on 5 papers at the conference, including the Best Paper ! Congratulations Jim!

Jim receiving award at IPDPS