Efficiency through specialization

Announcing a new 5-year research project that recognizes the shift from transistor-scaling-driven performance improvements to a new post-scaling world where whole-stack co-design is the key to improved efficiency. Building on the success of the soon to be completed Par Lab project, it uses deep hardware and software co-tuning to achieve the highest possible performance and energy efficiency for future mobile and rack computing systems.


  • TALK: Processors for the Data Center and Cloud of the Future, 12/5/16 at 2pm in 380 Soda

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  • Computer Technology Basics: Past, Present, and Future – July 6th at 11am in 380 Soda

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  • TALK: Zhangxi Tan, Mon April 4th at 2pm in Wozniak Lounge (430/38 Soda)

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