ASPIRE End of Project Celebration- Agenda

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

9:00 AM – 6:25 PM

Field Club Room at the California Memorial Stadium


9:00 Continental Breakfast

9:30 Introduction, Krste Asanovic, UC Berkeley

10:00 Talk, Communication-Avoiding Algorithms, Jim Demmel, UC Berkeley

10:15 Talk, Nick Knight, NYU

10:30 Testimonial, Communication-avoiding GEMM for deep learning, Amir Khosrowshahi, Intel (née Nervana)

10:50 Break

11:20 Talk, Squeezing Energy out of Computer Vision Applications, Kurt Keutzer, UC Berkeley

11:40 Talk +Demo, Proliferation of the SqueezeNet Family, Bichen Wu, UC Berkeley                           

12:00 Talk, SEJITS + Snowflake, Chick Markley and Nathan Zhang, UC Berkeley/Stanford

12:30 Lunch

1:25 Talk, Firebox, Nathan Pemberton, UC Berkeley

1:35 Talk, FireSim, Sagar Karandikar, UC Berkeley

1:55 Testimonial, The Machine, Kim Keeton, HPE

2:00 Testimonial, Chisel at Google, Amir Salek, Google

2:15 Break

2:40 Talk, Chisel and FIRRTL, Adam Izraelevitz, UC Berkeley

3:00 Demo, Strober using FIRRTL/Debugging, Donggyu Kim, UC Berkeley

3:10 Talk, The RISC-V ISA, Andrew Waterman, SiFive

3:30 Testimonial, RISC-V at Nvidia, Frans Sijstermans, Nvidia  

3:35 Break/Group Photo

4:05 Talk, SiFive / Agile Hardware Design, Yunsup Lee, SiFive (UC Berkeley)  

4:20 Talk, RocketChip + ProjectTemplate,, Howard Mao, UC Berkeley

4:35 Talk JITx, Jonathan Bachrach, JITx/(UCB)

4:50 Break

5:20 Talk, Raven/Hurricane chips Brian Zimmer, Nvidia/(UCB)

5:35  Demo, Fine-Grained DVFS, Stevo Bailey, UC Berkeley

5:45 Photonics at MIT/Berkeley and Ayer Labs, Chen Sun, Ayer/(UCB)

6.00 Talk, BOOM, Christopher Celio, UC Berkeley

6:15 Testimonial, Importance of real architecture design for academia, Mark Rowland, Intel

6:20 Final Remarks, Krste Asanovic, UC Berkeley

6:25 Reception, toasts, lubricated discussion

10:00 End