Paper co-authored by ASPIRE student Martin Maas and ASPIRE alum Mohit Tiwari wins ASPLOS 2015 Best Paper Award

Krste Asanovic

The ASPLOS 2015 Best Paper Award was presented to Chang Liu, Austin Harris, Martin Maas, Michael Hicks, Mohit Tiwari, and Elaine Shi for “GhostRider: A Hardware-Software System for Memory Trace Oblivious Computation”.

Martin Maas is a graduate student in the ASPIRE lab, and Mohit Tiwari was a postdoc in the lab before taking his current faculty position at UT Austin.  The paper authors includes members from University of Maryland, University of Texas at Austin, and University of California, Berkeley.

The paper looks at a combined hardware/software approach to providing efficient secure computation and uses the Berkeley-developed Rocket RISC-V infrastructure running on a Convey FPGA system for evaluation.

Congratulations to the whole team!