2015 Short Course on Parallel Programming

Registration opens July 22

(This short course is offered through EdX and the pre-recorded lectures are available to view online. Click the link above to register and view the lectures)


We will provide an introduction to parallel architectures and programming issues, a thorough exposure to languages and tools for shared memory programming, including hands-on experience, a presentation of high level programming parallel programming patterns and libraries that can greatly simplify programming, an overview of programming on other important parallel architectures (GPUs, Clouds, and distributed memory machines), and in-depth discussions of a variety of exciting parallel applications from image recognition, computer music, and other areas.

You will get the most out of this course if you have a solid background and experience in sequential programming, and a strong interest in applying parallel computing to future academic or professional projects. Familiarity with C or similar programming language is recommended (https://www.cac.cornell.edu/VW/Cintro/).



You can participate in the hands-on sessions (“Labs”) in one of two ways: in person, or online:


All Lab sessions will be held in Soda Hall. (SEE MAP. Rooms 373 and the Wozniak Lounge will be used for the hands-on sessions.

There are TWO types of hands-on sessions that you can participate in on-site:

The general Lab Hands-On Sessions will be held:
-Monday 5-6pm (PST): Part 1 (getting prepared)
-Tuesday 3-6pm (PST): Part 2 (hands-on session)
You have the option of using a parallel computer provided by the local DOE supercomputing facility NERSC. You will also need to fill out a form to get an account (forms will be provided on-site). You will also need to provide your own laptop, and get an Airbears account login for wireless access (airbears guest accounts will be provided on-site).

The OpenMP Hands-on session will be held:
-Monday 5-6pm (PST): Part 1 (getting prepared)
-Tuesday 3-6pm (PST): Part 2 (hands-on session)
Information and downloads related to this session are available at: http://www.cs.berkeley.edu/~knight/bootcamp2014/index.html

Note: You will need to provide your own multi-core laptop to participate in the OpenMP assignments.
CLICK HERE to register for IN-PERSON Hands-On Sessions.


If you choose to do the homework assignments online, you must register for an XSEDE account in addition to general registration (links below).

To participate ON-LINE, follow these TWO steps:

1) Step One: REGISTER for an Xsede account. (Online attendees are welcome to do the homework assignments on your own platforms or using your XSEDE account).
2) Step Two: REGISTER for online participation. (You’ll be asked to provide your XSEDE portal username on the second registration form)

To view the hands-on lab assignments:
*For those who have registered with XSEDE:

*Those who have not registered with XSEDE may view the assignments via the local site:

Note: All participants interested in the hands-on assignment whether onsite or online are suggested to register an account with XSEDE as main Q&A forums will use moodle.xsede.org to which you can login with an XSEDE portal account.



Questions about video lectures on EdX:

Teaching assistants will be available via Piazza for questions and discussion during the following times:

  • Monday, August 17 from 9AM – 5PM PST
  • Tuesday, August 18 from 8:45AM – 3PM PST
  • Wednesday, August 19 from 8:45Am – 5PM PST

To ask questions or make a comment via Piazza during these times, go to:


Questions during Hands-On Assignments
(Lab sessions will be held Monday 5pm-6pm, and Tuesday 3pm-6pm): The main Q&A forums will use https://moodle.xsede.org/course/view.php?id=3 to which you can login with your XSEDE portal account.

On-site attendees, if you have a question or problem using NERSC resources during the lab sessions only, please contact Francesca Verdier, Department Head of NERSC Services, at fverdier@lbl.gov or by calling 510-486-7193.

Online attendees,for TACC assistance with:

* Stampede accounts:
Bryan Snead: jbsnead@tacc.utexas.edu
Chris Hempel: hempel@tacc.utexas.edu

* Hands-on session assistance:
Victor Eijkhout: eijkhout@tacc.utexas.edu
Si Liu: siliu@tacc.utexas.edu
Cyrus Proctor: cproctor@tacc.utexas.edu

For general questions regarding boot camp logistics, please email parlab-admin@eecs.berkley.edu